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your telephone repair specialists

Residential Telphone Systems Specialist

Problem with the phone line at home and without any communication with the world. Call us and we might be able to sort out your problem straight away. Our engineers are equipped to deal with all kind of situations and should be able to get your services up and running same day.

Our experienced and skilled team of telephone engineers can provide 24/7 help and support to resolve your residential telephone line problems.

For Emergency Repairs please call us on 0800 8089 007

Residential Enquiries Welcome

We specialise in installing new extensions and help you deal with telephone line problems. Contact us to speak to an advisor for more information.

Maintenance Contracts

Eazi Systems also offers offer maintenance contracts, whereby we are obliged to maintain, support and repair your telephone system or offer advice and technical support 24/7. Thus keeping your system 100% at all times.

BT Customers

We welcome BT customers specially who have the following handsets:

  • Norstar Meridian
  • Versatility