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Privacy Policy

Eazi Systems Ltd is absolutely committed to comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and protect the privacy of its users and customers under the act. This document outlines how we use personal information of our customers.

Data Storage and Usage

Any information sent to Eazi Systems Ltd, through its online forms such as enquiry etc is kept absolutely confidential and is for internal use only. Such information is usually used for contacting the person and statistical purposes only. Personal Data will be taken for adequate and relevant purposes and will be processed fairly and lawfully and shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for the particular purpose. The company will take appropriate measures to ensure that there is no unauthorised usage and processing of the personal data.

Security of Data

We also undertake all the necessary security measures to protect personal information from unauthorised access or modification, theft and destruction.

Website Statistics

We collect and analyse website traffic information provided by its website hosting service. The information collected is purely used for statistical purposes.

Disclosure to Law Enforcements

We hold the right to disclose private information of its users to any third party, if called upon by the Law Enforcements Agencies of UK to do so.

Links to External Sites

Eazi Systems Ltd has many links to external website that are not controlled or managed by Eazi Systems Ltd. Once the user has left the Eazi Systems Ltd domain i.e., it does not take any responsibility for the information shared on those websites.


Any cookie used on this website i.e. is deleted whenever the user uses his/her cookie deletion option within the web browser.

Access to Personal Information

The Data Protection Act 1998 entitles you, the users of the Eazi Systems Ltd domain to access any personal information stored by it and how that information is being used. If you would like to get this information please email us at

For further information, regarding our Privacy Policy, please email us at