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Your Telephone Repair Specialist

About Us

We have been supplying individuals and business' nationwide with a wide range of equipment. We can supply any type of telephone systems whether its new or obsolete, simple or complex, expansion cards or just a new curly cord. Either supply only via our courier or supply and installation by our friendly engineers

Eazi Systems Limited has been a family business for the last 5 years. We offer a wide range of telecommunication solutions to its customers in the West Midlands and surrounding counties ensuring they do not lose this valuable communication tool.

Telecommunications is today one of the most important services to us, both at work and in our homes. Without a fully working telephone system we would not be able to organise logistics either at work or at home, communicate with colleagues and clients or just catch up with friends and family.

We are proud to offer a range of solutions to support and maintain on an ongoing basis our customer's telephone system. These solutions include installing new phone systems, updating existing phone systems and repairing a wide range of line and phone faults. As a small company we are able to build and develop very close relationships with our clients.

We believe this type of relationship benefits our customers as they always know that they will have access to someone they know should they need help or assistance.

Company History

  • Owned and run by Steve Blake, a telecommunication engineer
  • Steve has built up 20 years of practical experience working in the telecommunication industry
  • Run as a family business
  • Incorporated on the 21st January 2004
  • Registered Office: St. John's Workshop, Atlantic Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, B44 8LU

Services Offered

  • Fix all kinds of communication issues and faults. These can include phone faults and line faults
  • Modernise your existing communication systems (line and/or phone)
  • Offering a wide range of business telephone systems
  • Optional maintenance contracts

Our Ethos

  • To provide a service that makes our customers glad they used us and will want to again for any future phone fault or upgrade.
  • Phone Us, We Arrive, We Resolve, We Leave